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Scenic Flights

  • Pleasure and diversion

  • Photographic expeditions

  • Wildlife observation

  • Real estate scouting and assessment

  • Call for a free, no-obligation quote


Gain an aerial perspective on the region. Skinner Aviation's scenic tours enable up to three passengers to get an overview of this beautiful area, flying with an experienced pilot who’s knowledgeable about the locale.
For example, you can:

  • Loop around Emigrant Lake and pick out your house or other familiar spots in Ashland. (1/2 hr)

  • Fly south past Pilot Rock and over the Siskiyou Pass, skimming the high desert region between Yreka and Weed, overlooking Castle Crags, circling around Mt. Shasta and returning by way of Mt. Ashland. (2 hrs)

  • Head north, flying over the headwaters of the Rogue and Mt McLaughlin, circling Crater Lake and returning via the Klamath flyway and Klamath Lake. (1 1/2 hr)

  • Something else in mind? Call to plan a custom scenic flight. Mt. Bachelor? Oregon Coast? Sun River? Schedule your flight, then go see!


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