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Aircraft Rentals

Cessna 172 N
Year Model:      1978
Engine:            Continental O-360
HP:                 180
Avionics:          IFR
Cruise Speed:  120 knots
Fuel Capacity:  40 gallons usable
•   Useful
Load:     810 lbs (Pax. & Bag)
Seats:             4, including pilot

The process of renting an aircraft from Skinner Aviation is straightforward. You will need to:
Provide US pilot’s license
•  Possess a current third class medical certificate
•  Show proof of citizenship
•  Have proof of renter’s insurance
Show log book
•  Fill out a rental application
Complete a check ride

Charges are based on the total flying time (as measured by the Hobbs meter). Rental rates are wet. Certain minimums apply for full day or multi-day rentals. 

It is usually advisable to book your reservation in advance, to ensure that the aircraft will be available.    

   Phone: (541) 482-7675                Cell (24 hours): (541) 601-1065                   FAX: (541) 482-7681