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Flight Instruction

  • Individualized training in fixed wing single engine aircraft

  • Primary and advanced ratings (instrument, commercial, CFI, CFII

  • Endorsements for high performance, complex, or tail-dragger aircraft

  • Introductory flights

  • Biannual Flight Reviews

  • Ground school available

  • All ages welcome, from high school student to retiree



Learning to fly is not just a fantasy of fulfillment. Itís a very real opportunity.
  Skinnerís experienced, highly qualified instructors provide flight training in a Cessna 172, configured for instrument instruction.

  • Start at your level, whether youíre a newcomer, have some previous experience, or want to revive an old set of skills.

  • Set up a schedule that suits you and work at the pace you prefer.

  • Work with instructors who will prepare you for the type of flying youíll encounter in the northwest, where varied terrain and smaller airports and landing fields call for particular types of skills.


   Phone: (541) 482-7675                Cell (24 hours): (541) 601-1065                   FAX: (541) 482-7681